Appellate Lawyers Hackensack, New Jersey

Appellate Lawyers Hackensack, New JerseyAppellate Lawyers Hackensack, New Jersey

When you believe that you have been wronged and unfairly convicted of something because of a mistake, you should speak with the trusted appellate lawyers Hackensack, New Jersey relies on from Lesnevich, Marzano-Lesnevich, O’Cathain & O’Cathain, LLC. When you get a sentencing and believe that it was made in error, you should not feel like this is your only option. You do not have to live with this decision. Instead, when you work with an appellate lawyer you can trust, you know you will have the opportunity to appeal this conviction. Remember, this is not for when you do not like the outcome of a conviction. This must be done under certain circumstances and it is best to work with an attorney who understands the process. 

What will an attorney do during your appeals case? 

You may be wondering what your attorney will be looking for when they are appealing on your behalf. Some things they may bring up during their argument are:

  • The prosecutor did not bring forward the necessary evidence to convict the defendant
  • The judge wrongly did not allow certain evidence in the case that would have helped the defendant
  • The judge allowed the prosecutor to submit improper or incorrect evidence
  • The defense attorney did not prepare the case correctly or did not have appropriate knowledge of the law
  • The defense attorney did not utilize witnesses that would have helped with the defendant’s case

While it is not your Hackensack, New Jersey appellate lawyers’ jobs to argue that you were sentenced unfairly because you dislike the outcome, it is their jobs to investigate your original case and come up with evidence to show you were not given the opportunity deserved to you to get a fair outcome. We believe that people should be protected from decisions that were made unjustly because one ruling can change your life completely.

Why work with an appellate lawyer specifically?

When you work with an appellate lawyer instead of a general defense attorney, you are getting someone who has trained specifically to appeal cases and who will be effective at arguing and gathering evidence. 

We understand that getting a wrongful conviction can change your life and can seriously impact the rest of your life. You should be given the opportunity to alter this course of action. Are you interested in speaking with a member of Lesnevich, Marzano-Lesnevich, O’Cathain & O’Cathain, LLC? Please reach out to our office to see what our appellate lawyers in Hackensack, NJ can do to help you appeal your case.