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Car-Accident-Lawyer-Bergen-County-NJ-car-accident-.jpegIf you’re the victim of a car accident in Bergen County, why do you need a car accident lawyer Bergen County, NJ clients trust? 

29,722. Read that number again: 29,722

According to the New Jersey Department of Transportation, that’s how many car crashes occur in Bergen County, NJ in any given year. (It’s the second highest per county total in the state, second only to Essex County, and separated by only 565 car accidents.) Why are there so many car accidents in Bergen County, NJ? And, 

In a recent study for 2022, New Jersey ranked number 11 in the nation for most populous. Of the 21 counties in New Jersey, Bergen County is the most populated in the state. It also has some of the busiest highways— Route 80, Route 4, and Route 17— and some of the busiest destinations: the Garden State Plaza, and the George Washington Bridge. Bergen County is also close to some of the state’s biggest attractions: the American Dream complex and the Meadowlands.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you’re hurt in a car crash in Bergen County, the following are some of the reasons why you may need a Bergen County car accident lawyer:

  • Pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. The law understands that people should be compensated for permanent pain caused by careless drivers. Pain impacts everything – how we feel, how we act, how we treat other people, and how we see ourselves. A qualified Bergen County car accident lawyer knows how to argue this to an insurance company first, and later with a jury if the case cannot be settled.

  • Lost wages. You may be taking some time off from work. That may be a lot of time, especially if your job is of a physical nature. You might be entitled to money for those lost wages. A qualified, dedicated car accident lawyer in Bergen County is exactly the type of attorney you’ll want to speak with if this is the case. The lawyer can represent you for the car crash and send you to a worker’s compensation lawyer too if you were on the job at the time of the crash.

  • Medical bills. If you were injured in a Bergen County crash, your doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists need to be paid. Depending on what your car insurance coverage is like, you may not have enough coverage to pay for all these bills. Here, too, is when and where an attorney will come into play. And remember, you shouldn’t have to pay your attorney upfront; most New Jersey injury lawyers get paid a percentage of the monies they recover for you, plus the money they put out to pay for your lawsuit.

  • You may need assistance navigating the aftermath of a car accident. Is there a police report? Is there an issue with your insurance company? Are there other issues such as a drunk driver or a passenger who distracted the driver?

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