Car Accident Lawyer Hackensack, NJ

Car Accident Lawyer Hackensack, NJ

Car Accident Lawyer Hackensack, NJ

Injured in a car accident or truck accident in Bergen County? You should call an experienced car accident lawyer Hackensack, NJ trusts.

An experienced car accident lawyer will be able to guide you through your options and answer your questions. The car accident lawyer will know if you might be entitled to financial compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, and pain and suffering from your injuries. Let’s discuss some of those injuries that result in pain and suffering.

Many of the car accidents in Bergen County, New Jersey, and the truck accidents in Bergen County, New Jersey, cause physical injuries to the victims. Many times, the injured driver feels pain right away. Other times, the pain doesn’t set in until later that day or a few days later. Our bodies react differently to the trauma caused by a car crash.

These are some of car accident injuries that an experienced car accident lawyer in Hackensack, New Jersey, sees in many accidents:

  • Fractures and broken bones.
  • Cervical and neck injuries such as whiplash, a disc bulge, a disc herniation, or radiculopathy.
  • Lumbar and lower back injuries such as a disc bulge, a disc herniation, or radiculopathy.
  • Concussion and loss of consciousness.
  • Knee injury such as a meniscus tear.
  • Shoulder injury such as a rotator cuff tear.

Fractured and broken bones often result in immediate hospitalization that requires surgery. The victim often has lifelong pain with screws and plates in the body.

The neck and back injuries are often caused when the body in the car suddenly jerks forward/backward or side-to-side from the impact of the crash. This causes the spine to move very quickly which puts immediate pressure on the discs that act as a cushion between the bones in the spine. Injury to those discs can cause long-term pain and make it much more difficult to do simple things such as lifting and bending. A severely herniated disc can even result in paralysis if left untreated.

Disc injury can be a very serious injury. Sometimes the disc injury is so bad that the victim needs injections into the spine or surgery. Spinal surgery from a car accident or truck accident can include discectomy, rhizotomy, laminectomy, foraminotomy, and fusion.

Tears in the knee are often caused by the sudden twisting of the knee that happens when the negligent driver crashes into the car of the victim. The knee has cartilage that acts as a cushion that lets us bend our legs. A torn meniscus makes it much harder to use the knee to do everyday activities. Meniscus tears often require surgery.

Shoulder rotator cuff injuries are often caused when the victim’s body moves suddenly in a car crash. A rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that protect the shoulder joint. A rotator cuff injury can make it very hard to do something as natural as combing your hair.

An experienced car accident attorney in Hackensack, New Jersey, will understand these injuries and know the steps to maximize the compensation that a car crash victim is entitled to.

How Does a Car Accident Settlement Process Work?

Being in a car accident caused by another driver’s negligence could mean that you are entitled to seek compensation for the damages that have been caused. That compensation could cover your medical bill expenses, wages you weren’t able to collect because of being out of work while recovering from your injuries and pain and suffering. Sometimes it’s not easy going through the settlement process which is why it’s important to work with a car accident attorney in Hackensack, New Jersey to give you a better chance at receiving a favorable settlement for you and your family. 

The settlement process includes:

  • Car Accident Investigation: After filing a personal injury claim with the negligent driver’s insurance provider, the insurance company will investigate the accident which is done by an insurance claims adjuster. This investigation will include every piece of evidence that you provided to support your claim. Pieces of evidence that the insurance adjuster review during the investigation of your claim includes the official police report of the accident, photographs of the accident scene that include your car and the driver’s car, statements from witnesses of the accident, your medical records if you signed a release, and the other driver’s testimony
  • Car Accident Consultation With Experts: Experts will provide important insight into your accident and the damages that were caused. These experts include your doctor, an accident reconstruction specialist, a civil or mechanical engineer.
  • Seeking a Car Accident Pre-Lawsuit Settlement: Most often car accident claims are settled without a lawsuit. Your attorney will determine if the settlement offer that is received is sufficient for your damages. The negligent driver’s insurance provider may suggest that you accept the settlement offer, however, do not accept anything without first consulting with your attorney.
  • Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit: If you are unable to reach an appropriate settlement with the insurance provider then you might have to bring your claim to court. Car accident lawsuits are filed in the proper Circuit Court. This will be the court where the accident had occurred or where the negligent driver resides.
  • Negotiating a Car Accident Lawsuit: If you do file a lawsuit, it is possible to settle your claim out of court. Sometimes settlements are negotiated between an attorney and an insurance provider. Most often, insurance providers only speak to attorneys which is why it is important to hire a car accident lawyer so they can use their expertise and negotiate on your behalf.
  • Going to Court: Your lawyer will determine if going to court is the right choice for you and your case. If your lawyer agrees that it is in your best interest then your lawyer will walk you through the next steps in your case and what to expect during your trial. At court, both parties will be in attendance to present their claims to the jury. After both sides examine witnesses and present evidence then it is up to a jury to reach a verdict. The judge will read the verdict and both parties have the option to appeal the judgment entered in the case.

Settling a claim out of court is often less expensive and less stressful for everyone involved, but sometimes that isn’t possible.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents occur every day in New Jersey. While some of them are caused by bad weather and poor road conditions, many of them result from driver negligence. Here are some of the most common causes of car accidents:

  • Distracted driving. Driving requires a motorist’s full attention on the road. Unfortunately, however, too many drivers are tempted by distractions, like texting, eating and changing radio stations. Drivers who take their eyes or attention off the road for even a second are in danger of causing an accident.
  • Unsafe lane changes. It is important for drivers to use caution when switching lanes. However, some drivers may be in a hurry or not paying attention and make unsafe lane changes. For example, some drivers may try to pass the driver in front even if there is not enough room to do so.
  • Speeding. Everyone knows that they should not speed, but that does not stop every driver. Some may be trying to get somewhere quickly and forget about all the dangers of driving above the speed limit. As a car accident lawyer in Hackensack, NJ can confirm, speeding can lower a driver’s reaction time and increase the risk of an accident.
  • Drunk driving. Driving under the influence of alcohol is never a good idea, but some motorists still choose to do it. Drivers who have had too much to drink have lower reaction times and impaired judgment, so they are a danger to everyone on the road. Those who have had too much to drink should ask someone else to drive home.
  • Drowsy driving. It turns out that drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. Motorists who are running on little sleep can’t focus properly on the road ahead. They may even fall asleep behind the wheel. Drivers who feel fatigued should pull over to a safe spot and take a nap to prevent an accident.
  • Tailgating. Tailgating involves driving too closely to the vehicle in front of you and is considered quite dangerous. If the driver in front suddenly hits the brakes, the driver behind him or her will rear-end the vehicle.
  • Failing to yield. Whether due to inexperience or impatience, failing to yield at stop light and stop signs is very risky. Drivers who do this can cause accidents that result in severe injuries in other motorists.


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