Father’s Day After a Divorce

Celebrate Father’s Day During Coronavirus

June 2, 2020
BY: Madeline Marzano-Lesnevich

Father’s Day After a Divorce

To celebrate Father’s Day during coronavirus can be a bit challenging, especially if we are also talking about Father’s Day after a divorce.

If this is your case, just know that Father’s Day can be a difficult holiday in the best of times. Arguing with your co-parent, absentee dads, ‘Disneyland dads’— it can all add up to meltdowns and tears on Father’s Day.

And these are not the best of times. In fact, Disneyland’s closed.

So, what to do? The first thing is, consult with your co-parent. Do they want to celebrate Father’s Day this year? Owing to the special circumstances, if they’re part of your quarantine bubble, do they mind sharing custody on Father’s Day this year? If they’d rather simply fly solo with the kids— or their current partner— make a plan that works this. Discuss your Father’s Day plans with your co-parent as soon as you can.

Our title references the ubiquitous Father’s Day gift: a necktie. But right now, most people are barely changing out of their pajamas. And going out shopping for the non-essentials is hard. Talk to your kids: can you help them make a Father’s Day arts-and-crafts gift from what’s in the house? Can you help them order something online, with the appropriate shipping time? Maybe Dad would be happy with a framed photo of a Father’s Day gone bye, to remind us all of easier times? The important thing to remember is that a simple gift from the heart matters the most— especially this year.

On Sunday itself, does Dad want to grill? If you’re the co-parent and you’re involved, can you be the one who masks up and goes to the grocery store? If it’s a rainy Sunday, can you recreate a grill-and-chill atmosphere in the house, with just the right playlist, everyone in flip-flops, and his favorite kind of beer? If Dad doesn’t want the co-parent involved, respect that. (In fact, take the moment for yourself to have some “me” time!

And if you’re the Dad reading this, ask yourself: What do I want Father’s Day to look like this year? What am I comfortable with? What would make the happiest? Chances are it’s simpler— and easier— than you think.

Regardless of what your Father’s Day looks like in this summer of the pandemic, we wish all the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day!

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