Common Construction Site Accidents

May 1, 2021
BY: Lesnevich, Marzano-Lesnevich, O'Cathain & O'Cathain

Construction Injury Lawyer

construction injury lawyer

Those who work in construction face particular danger. More than 20 percent of on-the-job deaths happen to those who work in the field. Many others are hurt while executing construction duties. If you get injured while erecting a building, your suffering might be someone else’s fault. You deserve compensation from those responsible. Here are some common construction worksite incidents that could be a cause for litigation.

Hoist and Crane Accidents

Extreme weight makes these devices highly risky. Operator error creates havoc with the potential to hurt someone. The individual in control of the equipment might lack proper training or be intoxicated. The fault could lie with another worker or it could rest with management.

Elevator Shaft Falls

Any time heights are involved, there is a threat of injury. Newly built commercial structures typically have elevators. Construction workers could easily fall into an exposed shaft. Safety supervisors must secure these frightening drops with protective barriers and warning signs.

Gas Leak Problems

Buildings have heating systems that require flammable liquids to function. This makes installing them particularly perilous. If warning signs are not in place, one cigarette could trigger a massive explosion. Carbon monoxide poisoning is an especially insidious possibility, as it is both silent and odorless.

Slip and Fall Mishaps

Construction sites are brimming with hazardous materials that could spill. Slippery surfaces might cause an individual to lose one’s footing. The subsequent impact could create a sprain, a broken bone, or a concussion. Improperly placed materials might present obstacles that have the same results.

Repetitive Stress Afflictions

Using certain types of equipment can cause various injuries. Constant vibrations and repetitive motions have a way of straining joints and bones. A health problem triggered by work-related responsibilities could initiate a loss of income that compounds the pain and emotional distress of being hurt.

Electrical Shock Incidents

Modern structures require electricity. Installation mandates quality wiring and specific protocol. When handling corroded or frayed wires, there is a significantly greater chance of electrocution even if you are exercising extreme caution. Building during storms also presents peril, as lightning may strike exposed individuals. Those in charge must verify that adequate areas of shelter are in place.

Construction workers need protection from the hazards that come with their profession. If someone gets hurt while on duty and the cause was not his or her own, compensation should be granted. Immediately consult a construction injury lawyer such as Eglet Adams if this describes your situation.