Divorce Lawyer In Bergen County, New Jersey

Divorce Lawyer In Bergen County, New Jersey

Divorce Lawyer In Bergen County, New Jersey

No one enters into a marriage thinking it will end— that’s the truth. Whether you’re at City Hall, at the altar at your small-town church, or saying your “I dos” before your swanky cocktail hour, when you utter those two words— I do— you believe you’re embarking on the forever journey of a lifetime with your best friend, your partner, your soul mate.

So, what happened? If you’re reading this, you’re likely contemplating getting divorced, and you may need a divorce lawyer in Bergen County, New Jersey.

We can probably tell you what happened: money ran tight, someone got caught cheating or your spouse just didn’t turn out to be the person you thought they were.

Maybe something wasn’t discussed prior to marriage, or thought to have been settled: Are we having children? Are you going back to school? Why won’t you see my parents?!

So you need a divorce lawyer in Bergen County, New Jersey. What should you be looking for in a divorce lawyer in Bergen County, New Jersey?


  • Someone who knows Bergen County, New Jersey. Our partners have been named ‘Best of Bergen’ attorneys by Bergen Magazine, and our offices are at Court Plaza, opposite the Bergen County Courthouse in Hackensack, New Jersey. Our attorneys are Jersey born and bred and know the legal landscape of Bergen County, New Jersey.


  • Someone who will work with you. Empathetic, compassionate fighters— you want a divorce lawyer in Bergen County, New Jersey who will listen, but who’s also tough. Someone who will guide you through the process, and not back down on the issues that matter most to you, whether they’re custodial, financial, or both. This is your life, and the life of your children— and you need a new partner in this fight.


  • Someone who will help you turn the page. You may feel, as you read this, that your divorce is the dominating factor in your life— and maybe, at the moment, it is. But there will come a time when it’s just another part of your life. Even as co-parenting schedules and alimony payments may be part of your life for the foreseeable future, your divorce itself has an end date. Just as it was hard to imagine when you were exchanging your marital vows that you’d be getting divorced, it’s hard to imagine that there will be a day when this is all behind you. And yet there will be— a day when you’re living the next chapter of your life. And that’s what a divorce lawyer in Bergen County, New Jersey can help you do: turn the page. Contact Lesnevich, Marzano-Lesnevich, O’Cathain & O’Cathain, LLC committed to helping our clients through the most difficult times. 
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