Divorce Lawyer Tenafly, NJ

Divorce Lawyer Tenafly, NJ

What Does A Divorce Lawyer In Tenafly, New Jersey Do?  

Divorce Lawyer Tenafly, NJ

A divorce lawyer Tenafly, NJ recommends throughout the country, is also sometimes referred to as a matrimonial lawyer or family lawyer. A divorce lawyer also sometimes plays many roles: a counselor, a litigator, a listener, an encourager, a recommender. A divorce lawyer is the person in your life, whom you hire, to be your champion at the toughest time in your life.

No one in their right mind goes into a marriage thinking they will divorce. And yet marriages fall apart, for numerous reasons, every day. The end may come immediately, with sudden impact, almost a flash decision or ‘eureka’ moment out of the movies; or the end may happen as a slow burn, playing out as a thousand paper cuts across the decades. The end of the marriage may be because you’re fighting nonstop over finances or lack of sex, or because someone in the relationship was unfaithful, or the end may pile up and express itself through dirty laundry, uncooked dinners, and one too many missed occasions, be they an everyday occurrence such as a child’s soccer game or a special occasion such as an anniversary. Either way, the end is the same: you’re getting a divorce.

The first thing you should do is hire a divorce lawyer. You may want to consult with several, to find the right fit for you— and that’s fine. A divorce lawyer is going to be in your life throughout the process of the divorce, and potentially afterwards; you want the right fit. Many firms— including ours— maintain informative websites and blogs that allow you to get to know the tenor of the firm prior to even setting a foot in the door, talking on the telephone, or seeing an attorney over Zoom (for the moment).

Your divorce lawyer will negotiate for you. They’ll represent you to opposing counsel, your spouse, the Judge, the Court— they’re in your corner. Sometimes this means they’ll negotiate for you; sometimes it means they’ll fight for you; and sometimes it means they’ll need to be the one person telling you the unpleasant truth: when to fight when you’d rather settle, or when to settle when you want to fight. Most divorces come down to two elemental topics— money and children— and a divorce lawyer will help you deal with both properly.

Once you’ve selected and signed with your divorce lawyer, there are a variety of questions you may have for them:

  • How long will this whole divorce process take?
  • What’s going to happen with the children, custody-wise?
  • How do I tell the children we’re getting a divorce?
  • Will I be able to keep living at the financial level I am?
  • What’s going to happen to the marital home?
  • What exactly is ‘alimony,’ anyway?
  • How do I relate to, parent with, and treat my soon-to-be-ex-spouse as a co-parent?
  • Am I paying child support? Will I receive child support? Who decides how much, either way?
  • Do we have to go to Court? Can we just do this with a mediator?
  • What if I want to change my parenting days, due to a work responsibility or a holiday?


These and many other questions are natural. You’re embarking on a big step to move forward in your life, and the divorce lawyers at our firm will answer these questions honestly, discussing what’s right for you. The truth is, no two divorces are exactly alike, because no two relationships, marriages, and families are exactly alike. Each one comes with their own set of issues, questions, and problems— and each one will be addressed with compassion, strength, and honesty by your divorce lawyer in Tenafly, New Jersey.

(Fun fact about a divorce lawyer in Tenafly, New Jersey: our firm’s original offices were located on Railroad Avenue in Tenafly, New Jersey. When our firm outgrew those offices we moved to River Edge, New Jersey, and then eventually to Court Plaza in Hackensack, New Jersey, where we are located today.)

How To Tell Whether You Need To Hire A Divorce Lawyer

All long term relationships ebb-and-flow. They hit peaks and valleys, sometimes with partners being in the same place, and oftentimes not. Sometimes a babysitter, a corner table at your favorite Italian restaurant and a decent bottle of Chianti will do the trick— but sometimes the issues are much deeper. So how do you tell if you truly need to hire a divorce lawyer?

First, ask yourself honestly: do I see myself moving on from my spouse? We all, when we’re honest with ourselves, fantasize about the road untaken, an afternoon break from our lives with an old fling or a mystery person— but how do you truly feel about your life with your spouse?

If you’re truly ready to move on— or if they are— you need a divorce lawyer. Divorce, at best, is a tool to help you move forward. If you can imagine a different life for yourself and your partner isn’t willing to encourage you towards that life, to make the journey with you, you may need a divorce lawyer. If you’re fighting more than ever, about everything, you may need couples counseling— or you may need a divorce lawyer. If you or your partner has broken your wedding vows and the hurt can never be properly dealt with, you probably need a divorce lawyer.

People get divorced for many different reasons— the same way they get married for many different reasons. In your gut, you’ll know when your marriage has reached its conclusion, and you need to hire a divorce lawyer. We always say, there’s a lot of living still to do, at any age. And when you do hire a divorce lawyer in Tenafly, New Jersey you’ll need the right one, to help you get back to living your life. If you’re honestly ready to live the next part of your life, and need help getting started, contact a divorce lawyer in Tenafly, New Jersey, at Lesnevich, Marzano-Lesnevich, O’Cathain & O’Cathain, LLC.

Common Myths About Divorce

Getting divorced is one of the most difficult experiences you can have in your life. However, it’s important to remain calm and deal with the situation head on. You also shouldn’t believe some of the common misconceptions about divorce, including:

  • Before Your Divorce Is Finalized, You Must Go to Counseling: Although it would be ideal for married couples to attend counseling before getting divorced, it isn’t required by the court system. In fact, counseling can be quite pointless if one party doesn’t want to attend.
  • Both Spouses Must Want a Divorce: In some situations, both spouses agree that their marriage isn’t working out. However, in other cases, one spouse doesn’t want to get divorced. The good news is that both spouses don’t have to agree to a divorce for it to happen. If you want a divorce, but your spouse wants to stay married, you can still pursue a divorce.
  • Divorces Always Lead to Fighting: When many people think about divorces, they imagine two people constantly screaming and yelling at each other. While divorces can get heated, they don’t always have to go this way. If you hire a skilled divorcde lawyer in Tenafly, NJ and think through everything logically, it’s possible to resolve your divorce peacefully.
  • Divorce Is a Long Process: Another common myth about divorce is that it always takes a year or more to complete. That may be true if you and your spouse constantly fight and can’t come to an agreement. However, if you and your spouse avoid going to court and opt for mediation, you can come to a mutual agreement much faster. You can work with your divorce lawyer in Tenafly, NJ to resolve things as quickly as possible.
  • All Assets Are Split Equally: Many people also believe that assets are split right down the middle in a divorce. This isn’t necessarily true. A judge will look at several factors before deciding how to split assets, such as the future needs of both parties and the financial contributions each party made toward the property.
  • You Can Handle a Divorce Without a Lawyer: Some people think that they can handle a divorce by themselves and opt out of hiring a divorce lawyer in Tenafly, NJ. This is a big mistake. Even if you think your divorce will be fairly simple, you should still have a qualified divorce lawyer on your side. He or she will help you fill out the paperwork in a timely manner, improve your chances of a fair settlement and stand up for your legal rights.


If you’re honestly ready to live the next part of your life, and need help getting started, contact a divorce lawyer in Tenafly, New Jersey, at Lesnevich, Marzano-Lesnevich, O’Cathain & O’Cathain, LLC.

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