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Dangers of Falling Leaves in the Autumn

September 19, 2017
BY: Domhnall O'Cathain

Fall is coming and the next few months will see weekend warriors clearing their yards of the autumn leaves, twigs, and branches. Throughout suburban New Jersey, the sidewalks and roadways will soon have piles of leaves waiting to be cleared by the DPW.

Because this necessary cleanup can also cause dangers that we do not think about, we should ask ourselves some of the following questions:

  • Are the leaves on the sidewalk concealing a tripping hazard?
  • Do the leaves blown onto the road make it more difficult for cars and bicycles to get by?
  • Is there rain forecast that will turn the leaves into a slipping risk?

Take Extra Caution On the Road

Consider the horrific incident in Oregon when a 19-year-old driver drove through a pile of leaves: When she returned home, she learned that she had killed two young girls who were playing inside the leaves. Watch this heart-wrenching video to appreciate the dangers of driving into a pile of leaves.

While we cannot always change the times that we hit the roads for our commute, we can take a minute to decide if it safe to walk, bicycle or jog when oncoming cars might be temporarily blinded by sun glare.

We must also remember to be careful in and around our own homes. Raking leaves can involve heavy duty exercise which is dangerous for folks who are out of shape. Climbing ladders to clean gutters of leaves exposes to the obvious dangers of falling from heights. Falling is the leading cause of unintentional injury deaths for adults who are 45 or older. That is a frightening statistic.

Contact Our New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers

We can take these steps to protect our families and ourselves but we know that other people will not be as cautious. If you or a loved one is injured because someone else failed to adjust to the change in the fall weather, contact our New Jersey personal injury lawyers, for a free consultation.