Family Lawyer Tenafly, NJ

Family Lawyer Tenafly, NJ

Family Lawyer Tenafly, NJFamily. Arguably it’s the most powerful word in the English language, right next to love. It’s a word we even know in different languages: Famiglia, in Italian. Familia, in Spanish. And as the animated Disney children’s movie Lilo & Stitch reminds us (and many, many parents already know), “Ohana means family.”

So, what does it mean when you pair the word family with another powerful word in the English language: lawyer? It means ‘the branch of the law dedicated to the family, such as divorce and child custody.’ (And that is true; in fact, we have a whole dedicated webpage on child custody here:

For a Family Lawyer Tenafly, NJ trusts, however, it’s so much more than the definition. Being a family lawyer is about bringing empathy to the divorce proceedings— because our Family Law Department co-chairs are family (a mother-and-daughter team), and our family lawyers have families and come from families. It’s about knowing the terrain of Tenafly, New Jersey, and of Bergen County, New Jersey— in fact, it’s our co-chairs being named by (201) Magazine as Best of Bergen County lawyers. Being a family lawyers means listening. Negotiating. Fighting. Litigating. Settling. Understanding.

Your family is the most important thing in your life, the center of your universe, and yet when you contemplate divorcing, it feels like your universe is imploding. Like the bottom of your life is falling out. What can you do to take action— take control— if you’re divorcing? Let’s examine some steps:

  • Consult with a family lawyer/matrimonial attorney: at the very least, a consultation with a family lawyer can leave you knowing your rights, and shore up your confidence that you can handle your divorce. You’ll probably ultimately consult with several family lawyers until you find the one right for you; we have a useful blog post by a paralegal at our firm on our website here: One key takeaway: preparing for your initial consultation, it may be helpful to bring recent tax returns, paystubs and bank statements you have handy.
  • Be honest with yourself— and your family lawyer— about why you’re getting a divorce, and how you want your divorce to end: are you divorcing over finances? Custody of your children? Because you’ve fallen out of love with your spouse— and/or because you’ve had an affair? Because you’ve been cheated on? Be brutally honest with yourself, and your family lawyer in Tenafly, New Jersey, about why you’re getting a divorce. Be equally honest about what you want the outcome of your divorce to be: are you concerned about alimony? Child support? Are you seeking joint custody or primary custody? Do you want to avoid a trial at all costs, financial and emotional— or do you want to stand your ground, no matter the odds? Your family lawyer will have plenty of advice on all these issues. For more on divorce in New Jersey, please visit our webpage here:
  • Work in partnership with your family lawyer: you and your family lawyer are going to be a team for a while, and it’s important to find the right one, and to work with them effectively. We have a terrific blog post with tips by a family associate at our firm on our website: One key takeaway: keep logs. Regardless of the issues of your case, it is a practical and smart idea to log what occurs between you and your former spouse.


Divorce is challenging, and seeing your family through the other side of it, still as a supportive and loving family for your children, is a big responsibility. You can handle it— and you can handle it with the support and counsel of your family lawyer In Tenafly, New Jersey. Your family needs our family— we’re here to care about your family the way you do. Call Lesnevich, Marzano-Lesnevich, O’Cathain & O’Cathain, LLC today at (201) 488-1161 to schedule a consultation.

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