Getting Into a Slip and Fall Accident

December 15, 2021
BY: Lesnevich, Marzano-Lesnevich, O'Cathain & O'Cathain

Getting Into a Slip and Fall Accident

A slip and fall accident is extremely unpleasant. Even if you do not suffer injuries it can be traumatic. However, the wounds that come from slip and fall accidents can quickly shift from minor to major, and even life-changing. While a slip and fall accident can appear to be extremely amusing at the time, they do involve genuine injury. Regardless of how humiliating the incident may be, should you suffer an injury in any capacity, you should talk with an attorney (with experience in slip and fall accidents) as to what your options are and who to go after in regard to liability.

As a lawyer, like a slip and fall lawyer in Atlanta, GA from a law firm like The Lynch Law Group knows,  any public or private space that is available to the public holds an obligation to guarantee their visitors are protected on their property. When security fails and a visitor is harmed, regardless of where you are, the head manager or property owner will be held responsible in some capacity. Slip and fall accidents can happen at any place. So before you choose to pursue a personal injury claim, be certain you have a legitimate claim and someone’s negligence prompted your injury.

For instance, if you are entering a store and the threshold is somewhat lifted. As you push your grocery cart over the edge this lift makes you stagger and tumble onto the ground. This store has failed you. This store, including its staff and the owner, are liable for your injuries, especially if they knew of the problem and never bothered to fix it. Their grounds are to be properly maintained at all times, especially upon entrance and exit. In case there is a circumstance where you missed your step since you were not focusing on things, it may make your claim weaker. In the event that this leads to an injury there is a possibility you can pursue a claim anyway. There’s likely a possibility that you won’t win entirely in the event you were careless in some respect.

Numerous irresponsibility can prompt a slip and fall in a store:

  1. Liquid that was neglected and not tidied up or an employee failed to place a sign where water presented
  2. Uneven grounds
  3. Lack of lighting or low-quality lighting
  4. Broken rails or ground surface

If you or someone you know has experienced an injury because of a slip and fall in a store or on someone’s property due to their negligence, you may qualify for compensation for your damages. You should talk with a skilled personal injury attorney concerning what your legal options are.