High Asset Divorce Attorney Bergen County New Jersey 

High Asset Divorce Attorney Bergen County New Jersey High Asset Divorce Attorney Bergen County New Jersey 

It can be difficult for couples to discuss wealth. Any discussion of finances often brings strain into the marriage in the best of times— and, presumably, if you’re reading this, it’s not the best of times. If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering a divorce, in the middle of a divorce— or thinking about how the divorce you went through didn’t quite go the way you wanted it to, financially. 

Money. Dollars and cents. Personal wealth. It’s a big part of life, isn’t it? Maybe more than we like to admit. And if your divorce has you experiencing anxiety or concern about your personal finances, you need a high asset divorce attorney in Bergen County, New Jersey

Let’s talk about what we mean by ‘high asset.’ Whether you’ve worked hard to acquire substantial assets— be they a stock portfolio, a debt-free marital residence, or a vested savings account— or supported a spouse who did so (or both of you worked hard and supported each other), you have a comfortable lifestyle, and you’ve accumulated a certain amount of wealth. And oftentimes those accumulated assets are the number one contentious issue in a high asset divorce. 

One of the primary things any good high asset divorce attorney in Bergen County, New Jersey will do is enlist other professionals to assist them, chiefly financial professionals. As no two cases are exactly alike, depending upon your situation, you may need a forensic account (either to value your business, or your spouse’s business), and/or a wealth planner, who can assist your high asset divorce attorney in Bergen County, New Jersey in developing a long-term strategy for your finances and your divorce.

Let’s examine three key steps in a successful high asset divorce: 

  • Understanding change. Not change as in cents, but sense— common sense. The simple fact is, a big part of your life is about to change. You’re turning the page, so to speak, on the story of your marriage, so you can begin an exciting, exhilarating and sometimes scary new chapter of your life, and with it, you’re also turning the page to a fresh balance sheet as well. As divorce disrupts all aspects of life, financial life is no different, and while you may find some of these necessary changes difficult, it brings us to the second step: 
  • Protecting what’s yours. While an ideal divorce means an outcome accepted by both parties, this is very much the job of your high asset divorce attorney in Bergen County, New Jersey. Whether through hard work and bold choices, or standing behind the spouse who did so by taking care of children, the household and daily life, or a combination of such, you’ve managed to accumulate an impressive array of stability and comfortability for you and your family, and we’re not going to let that disappear just because you’re getting divorced. This brings us to the third step: 
  • Feeling secure with the outcome. The Court has a responsibility for clients to continue to live ‘the style in which they are accustomed,’ and the process of divorce is designed to ensure that. Your attorney and your team of financial professionals are assembled to ensure that, at the end, you are secure with the bottom line of your divorce— it means the dollars and cents have to make sense to you. 

Divorce is tough, and dealing with money is tough. But you’re tough too— and so are we. Call the high asset divorce attorneys in Bergen County, New Jersey at Lesnevich, Marzano-Lesnevich, O’Cathain & O’Cathain, LLC at: (201) 488-1161 to schedule a consultation today. 

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