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How To Safely Renew Your Car Insurance In New Jersey

April 18, 2018
BY: Domhnall O'Cathain

Car insurance quotes in New Jersey

It is a simple deal: car insurance companies will offer you lower rates if you agree to less protection.

Cheaper insurance for you is less protection for you which is less protection for your family.

The New Jersey Association for Justice recommends (and LMLTOO agrees) that you get car insurance in New Jersey with the following:

  1. Buy the Standard Policy
  2. Buy the $500,000 single limit liability (or the highest you can afford)
  3. Buy the $500,000 single limit underinsured/uninsured (or the highest you can afford)
  4. Buy the $250,000 medical expense coverage
  5. Make your car insurance the primary to pay your medical bills
  6. Choose the “No Limitation on Lawsuit” option
  7. Buy an Umbrella Policy (if you can afford it)

Based on the many clients and potential clients we have met over the years, here are two examples of how good insurance can change your life. The examples are a collection of a number of different stories.

Example A:

A very successful professional was crossing the road on a quiet evening in a quiet neighborhood. He had the right of way. A teenager in a car blew through the light and slammed into the professional. He survived, but with terrible spinal injuries. The teenager had a $15,000 policy and, as expected, no assets. What kind of insurance did the professional have? A basic policy without underinsured coverage that had his health insurance as primary. What did that mean for the victim? All he could recover was $15,000 and he owed more than that for deductibles to his health insurance.

Example B:

A middle-aged lady with a reasonable income was driving in her residential neighborhood when a car blew through a Stop sign and crashed into her car. The lady complained of neck pain that flared up a few days after the crash. She was diagnosed with injuries in her neck which caused her pain on most days. The car that went through the Stop sign had a standard policy with high liability coverage. The lady who was injured had car insurance that provided medical expense coverage as primary and she had chosen the “no limitation on lawsuit option”. What did that mean for the victim? There was no limitation on her right to sue and there was more than enough money for her injury – both parties were safe.

Without a good car insurance in New Jersey, your health and your money are in danger. If you can, we strongly encourage you to spend a few more dollars that will make you and your family safer.

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident, call the New Jersey Personal Injury Attorneys at Lesnevich, Marzano-Lesnevich, O’Cathain & O’Cathain, LLC to discuss what your insurance coverage means for your right to recover in a personal injury lawsuit.