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Injured by a Truck Driver in New Jersey? Read this.

April 25, 2022
BY: Lesnevich, Marzano-Lesnevich, O'Cathain & O'Cathain

America is back on the road. In 2021, New Jersey, had a 17% increase in crashes and a 11.9% increase in fatalities. (You can read more about those shocking numbers here). The roads are busier and more dangerous.

So, what are the first steps to take after being hit by a negligent driver of a commercial van, truck, or tractor trailer?

Make sure someone calls 911. Don’t let the careless driver convince you to exchange numbers and figure it out later. Lots of these truck drivers and trucking companies don’t want a record of the crashes. You want a police report.

  • Get medical treatment if you feel like you need it at that time. The police can get an ambulance to the scene to transport you.
  • Very often, crash victims in these situations want to get home as soon as possible and they decline medical treatment at the scene of the crash. If this is what happened in your crash, try to get to an emergency room or urgent care within a few days. Injuries to your neck and back can have severe and permanent consequences that need to be diagnosed and treated. If you cannot get to an ER or Urgent Care, try and find a medical facility that has experience treating victims of truck crashes. They will know how to handle the insurance with trucking cases and to get you referred to the medical specialties you need.
  • Other crash victims don’t feel the onset of pain until later that day, the following day or a few days later. This is common in cases where there has been injury to the neck and back. The discs in the spine are damaged from the sudden jerking motion in the crash but the onset of the pain is not always immediate. Again, it is best to get a medical evaluation to understand how the neck and back have been injured.
  • Have someone take photographs. Pictures of the property damage to the vehicles can help show how the crash happened. While most injuries are internal injuries – such as a displaced disc – there sometimes will be scratches and bruises. It is good to have photos of those injuries to help explain your case.
  • Consult a personal injury attorney in your state to discuss who is at fault. You’ll want to make an appointment with a proven personal injury attorney to discuss your options. Was the truck driver texting while driving (i.e., distracted driving)? Was alcohol involved (i.e., buzzed or drunk driving)? Remember, most personal injury attorneys should not charge you for a consultation; they should be compensated at the end of the case if there is a recovery.
  • Choose the right personal injury attorney for your case. While it is easy to find an injury lawyer, it is not so easy to find the right one for your case. The right lawyer for your case is the lawyer the insurance company for the defense does not want on your case. This is the lawyer the insurance company fears:
  • A lawyer who brings cases to trial in front of a jury.
  • A lawyer who is not afraid to ask for a large amount of money for your injuries.
  • A lawyer who is not overwhelmed with too many cases.
  • A lawyer who going to communicate with you and understand how your injuries have changed your life.

Sounds like the right lawyer for your truck crash case.

Work with your personal injury attorney. While your lawyer takes care of the litigation, you will need to answer interrogatories, appear for your deposition, go to a one-time examine by the doctor handpicked by the defense lawyer, and go to trial if the defense does not come up with a reasonable offer. It is important to let your lawyer know about any changes with your injuries and treatment so that the lawyer can add that to your case.

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