Jitney Bus Crash Lawyers Bergen County NJ

Jitney Bus Crash Lawyers Bergen County NJ

Jitney Bus Crash Lawyers Bergen County NJYou should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in Hackensack if you or a loved one was injured or died in a jitney bus crash in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Jitney buses are a cheap and quick way to travel in Bergen County, New Jersey, and to get from some towns in Bergen County, New Jersey to New York City. These buses are privately owned, do not follow a schedule, and do not have designated stops along their routes.

The jitney buses we see in Bergen County, New Jersey are usually driving to or from the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, with some of them crossing over to the bus stop in Washington Heights. From the Bridge, they travel out Route 4 to Paterson, or down River Road to West New York, or down Anderson Avenue towards Jersey City.

Many of the drivers of these jitney buses have not received full training to safely operate a commercial bus. They weave in and out looking for passengers and trying to squeeze ahead of traffic. The jitney bus drivers are competing with each other for passengers. That is why you sometimes see them aggressively driving into bus stops and honking even though there is already a bus at the stop before them.

The driver of a jitney bus has a duty to safely drive the bus. The company that runs the bus has a duty to safely train the driver of the bus. When the bus driver causes a crash, a lawsuit can be filed against the bus driver and the bus company. The lawsuit will allege negligence by the driver and the bus company that hired or employed the driver.

Jitney bus crashes are known to cause injury to passengers on the jitney bus, pedestrians, drivers of other cars, and passengers in other cars.

Jitney bus crashes can cause catastrophic injury or death especially because most buses don’t have seat belts for passengers. Catastrophic injury includes injuries to the spine, spinal cord or brain. Passengers in jitney bus crashes often end up damaging one or more discs in the neck and/or in the lower back because the crash causes their bodies to suddenly jerk forward and backward. The discs get displaced when they bulge or herniate, leaving less of a cushion between the bones in the spine which is very uncomfortable. These spinal injuries can often cause pain and suffering that is permanent.

If you or a loved one suffers from a permanent injury from a jitney bus crash, you or your loved one might be entitled to significant compensation. A lawsuit that involves a jitney bus is different from a regular car accident lawsuit. A jitney bus crash will usually have a larger insurance policy and will involve complicated legal issues.

If you are looking for experienced personal injury lawyer in Hackensack to represent you and your family in your Bergen County, New Jersey bus crash or Bergen County, New Jersey jitney bus crash lawsuit, contact our law firm now to set up a free personal injury consultation to discuss your options. We handle wrongful death cases and catastrophic personal injury cases in Hackensack and throughout Bergen County, New Jersey. Contact one of our jitney bus crash lawyers Bergen County, NJ trusts. Call Lesnevich, Marzano-Lesnevich, O’Cathain & O’Cathain, LLC today at (201) 488-1161.

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