New Beginnings

January 17, 2019
BY: Madeline Marzano-Lesnevich

Many people view the New Year, January 1st,  as an opportunity to begin anew. Resolutions are made. Promises are given. Good intentions are plentiful.

For many of us, and for years for myself, early September presented the same promise and the same opportunities. School vacation was over; a new semester was beginning—a chance for those elusive perfect grades! To meet new people! To redefine goals! Or the summer ended, vacation was done, and we were back to our places of employment—all with the same rejuvenation. Birthdays provide some people with that same sense of opportunity and hope.

Change is neither always good, nor always bad. All new beginnings – whether it’s the end of a vacation, a move to a different home or to a different state, starting a new career, hiring new co-workers, or losing old co-workers –  provide a time for reflection.

The same is true of divorce.

Our marriage dissolution laws provide that opportunity for a new beginning. It is a second chance. It is the opportunity to start anew, to see your former partner in a different light, to redefine roles, to choose a career you always meant to explore and to follow a different path. Most divorces are not easy to go through—I always tell my clients the hardest part is at the beginning. No one marries expecting to be divorced, but I have never heard a client say that he or she wished to still be married to that same person (regardless of who initiated the divorce)

Married, yes—some wish to be married, to marry again. Some wish to remain single. Some wish to not formalize a relationship. Divorce gives you those opportunities, that second chance, that new beginning.


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