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Dog Bite Cases In New Jersey

New Jersey dog bite law makes the owner of the dog responsible for all the injuries caused by the bite. There is no need to prove that the dog owner was careless and caused the bite. In legal language, the dog owner is strictly liable.

New Jersey dogs do not get one free bite, something that is allowed in some states. New Jersey law does not care if the breed of dog is known for being vicious. All dogs are treated the same.

Does it Matter Where the Attack Happened?

If the bite happened on public property, the owner is responsible. If the bite happened on private property, the owner is responsible so long as the victim was lawfully on the property. For example, if a dog bit your daughter while she was playing at her friend’s house, the friend’s parents, if they own the dog, are responsible.

What if There Was A Sign Warning of The Dog?

It does not matter that the owner of the dog warned you that the dog might bite or attack people. If you were bitten, you can sue.

There are only a few times when New Jersey law limits automatic compensation for a dog bite injury. Those times usually involve a person who has taken over care of the dog (like a veterinarian) or a person who is deliberately provoking the dog. However, a vet can still sue if the owner failed to tell the vet that the dog has bitten before.

I Was Attacked Not Bitten

Dogs can cause injuries without biting. For example, they can jump at people, run at bicyclists, and cause people to fall. If you were injured by a dog who did not bite you, you should still speak with a New Jersey personal injury lawyer to know your options. You can file a lawsuit for negligence where you prove that the dog owner was careless.

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The Most Common Injuries Caused By Dog Bites Cases In New Jersey

Dog bites and dog attacks cause significant physical and emotional injuries. We all know of folks who are still terrified of dogs after an incident that happened in their childhood. The following are some of the most common injuries seen from dog bites and dog attacks:

  • Permanent scars or disfigurement
  • Infection
  • Nerve damage
  • Fractures
  • Psychological trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder

What To Do After You Were Bitten By A Dog

It is very important to get medical treatment after a dog bite because you are at a very high risk of infection. Some dog bites result in horrific injuries and hospitalization. After dealing with your medical needs, you should make a report with the local authorities. In New Jersey, doctors who treated you for your dog bite are required to notify the local authorities within 12 hours of treatment. However, you should also make a report to the local authorities.

Homeowner’s Insurance Provides Coverage

When you file a lawsuit against the owner of a dog after being bitten on their property, homeowner’s insurance policy will provide coverage. This often means that there is good coverage.However, it also means that for too many dog bites there is no coverage because many of the dogs who bite have been abandoned.

Also, many dog owners are not homeowners and, therefore, do not have sufficient insurance coverage for the injuries.

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    Statute of Limitations on Dog Bite Cases In New Jersey

    New Jersey dog bite and dog attack cases must be filed within two years of the attack and/or bite. (If the victim was a minor, a different time frame applies).

    How Long Does a Dig Bite Lawsuit take in New Jersey?

    Dog Bite lawsuits are usually resolved within two (2) years from the time of filing.

    How do Dog Bite Attorneys in New Jersey get paid?

    When you retain our dog bite attorneys in New Jersey for a lawsuit, you do not pay us unless you recover money. We accept dog bite cases on a contingency basis.

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