Truck Accident Lawyers in New Jersey

Causes of Truck Accidents in New Jersey

Trucking crashes often result in permanent injuries or death. Trucking accidents most often happen because of one or more of the following reasons:

  • Exhausted drivers
  • Speeding
  • Aggressive driving
  • Lack of Training
  • Lack of Experience
  • Bad weather
  • Mirror blind spots
  • Loose cargo
  • Defects with the tractor or trailer
  • Defects with the roadway
  • Careless Driving
  • Reckless Driving
  • Road rage

Truck Accident Investigations

The investigation of a trucking crash is more than reviewing a police report.

Truck drivers are often trained to call their bosses before calling 911 so they can be coached on what to say to the police when they arrive. Truck drivers usually have an accident kit with a camera in the cab that will only be used if they the photos that will be helpful to them. The bosses may call the insurance company or send their own person out to investigate the scene of the crash.

The trucking company is working on the defense of the case while you are in pain in your car.

Our Recent New Jersey Truck Crash Results

  • $1,200,000 when a truck crossed over double yellow line and crashed into our clients’ car
  • $725,000 when a truck backed into another lane of traffic and hit our client’s car
  • $225,000 when a tractor-trailer rammed our client’s car into a highway divider
  • $200,000 when a tractor-trailer rear-ended our client’s car
  • $170,000 when a truck went through an intersection and crashed into our client’s car
  • $170,000 when a truck rear-ended our client’s car
  • $165,000 when a truck rear ended our client’s car
  • $160,000 when a truck side swiped our client’s car
  • $150,000 when dump truck rammed our client’s car into a highway divider
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Who Are Truck Drivers?

Most truck drivers are great people, but it is also a job that can attract people who are not so great. For many years now, truck drivers are being paid a lot less to work a lot more. Many are being paid by the mile or the load. A truck driver sitting in traffic on the upper level of the GWB is losing a lot of money.

Not many people want a job like that.

Our New Jersey truck accident lawyers have had cases against truck drivers who have multiple DUIs, a history of car crashes, and domestic violence against their wives.

Many trucking companies are not looking for good people to drive trucks – they just need the trucks to be driven.

Truck Accidents vs Car Accidents

Trucking crashes are different from car crashes. Trucking crashes involve more complicated litigation and often require experts to explain why the crash happened the way it happened. Many people and entities can be responsible for a truck crash. If a truck jack-knifes late at night and the cargo load spills from the trailer onto the highway and onto your car, there could be a lot of people to sue including:

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking company
  • The company that owned the trailer
  • The person and company that loaded the cargo
  • The company that did maintenance on the truck and trailer.

Trucking companies and their insurers try to move cases to federal court as cases in federal court often move faster than state court.

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    New Jersey Crash Statistics

    In 2016, there were 571 crashes in New Jersey that resulted in 603 deaths.

    • Bergen – 35 deaths
    • Essex – 42 deaths
    • Hudson – 22 deaths
    • Middlesex – 43 deaths
    • Passaic – 22 deaths
    • Union – 24 deaths.

    And that does not even count the horrific injuries that were suffered.

    Many of those deaths and injuries were caused by trucks. Many New Jersey truck crashes happen on our main highways: I-95 Turnpike, Route 287, Route 80, Route 78, Route 46, Route 17, Route 1&9, and Route 4.

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