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Snovember In New Jersey

November 16, 2018
BY: Domhnall O'Cathain

That was something: Kids stuck in school, right here in New Jersey, after midnight; a military presence in Penn Station; commuters stranded on New Jersey highways; cars on fire; cars in rear-end crashes; the George Washington Bridge upper level shutdown; Routes 1 and 9, 3, 4, 17, 21, 46, 78, and 80 at a standstill; the New Jersey Turnpike treacherous with snow, sleet, ice— and accidents, with trucks hitting cars; trucks sliding across roadways; trailers jackknifing… and more— all of it frightening. That was fall-storm Avery.

Today, and this weekend, we pick up the pieces. People are confused, and already we are hearing questions about what the injured people can do. Here are some of the issues, and our responses.

The Cops Couldn’t Get There So We Had to Leave

Make sure you report the incident and/or your accident to the police and your insurance as soon as possible. Give them your version of the events and the information for the other vehicle. If no police report is filed, notify the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission about the crash.

I Went to the E.R., but I Left Because Nobody Could See Me

Many people who were injured could not get immediate medical treatment because they couldn’t get to a facility, or because the facility was overwhelmed. They might have decided that it was safer to go home. If you are in pain from an injury sustained in snowstorm Avery (be it a car crash or otherwise), you should schedule an appointment with a medical provider as soon as they can see you. If your injury results in permanent pain and a lawsuit is filed, you will need to show the medical treatment you received.

Remember: If you were injured in a car crash, the car insurance will probably pay for your medical treatment.

Can I Sue the Town and the State for Failing to Remove the Snow that Injured Me?

Unfortunately, probably not.

Can I Sue the Building Next to the Sidewalk Where I Fell?

It depends. Commercial businesses have a duty to make sure that the sidewalk in front of the building has a duty to keep it reasonably safe. The lawyers need to look at the facts of each case.

I’m Confused, in Pain, and Don’t Know What To Do

Report the car accident. Get to a doctor. Contact our New Jersey car accident attorneys at 201-288-1161 and schedule a legal consultation today.