Spring Rides

March 27, 2018

Although Spring greeted millions of Americans with snow storms, as we head into April the weather will begin to start getting warmer. The warm weather will not only let us leave our jackets behind but will open the door for motorcycle riders to come out on the road and begin to ride again.

Riders And Drivers Both Need To Be Aware

Motorcycles are a fun and thrilling way to enjoy the warmer weather heading our way, but a rider must practice extreme safety measures when operating a motorcycle. Unfortunately, motorcycles leave a rider more vulnerable than cars and are linked to accidents involving serious injuries. The only thing between a rider and other vehicles and asphalt are riding gear and a helmet.

Because of this, it is vital that motorcyclists and drivers of cars be vigilant of their surroundings. Motorcycles are more difficult to see on the road due to their size. Their size also makes it difficult to accurately judge the speed and distance of an approaching motorcycle. For drivers of cars and trucks, it is important to keep a safe distance from motorcyclists when operating a car or truck. For motorcyclists, it is important to always be ready to take evasive action.

Speed Is A Deadly Factor

The freedom motorcycles bring to a rider may tempt a person to travel at higher speeds and to do tricks. These are both very dangerous and should not be done. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, thirty-four percent of all motorcycle riders involved in fatal crashes had been speeding.  If a rider is tempted to practice or do tricks, it should never be done on the road or in traffic, these should be left for safer locations.

Pothole Perils

New Jersey is notorious for potholes and with a storm that just left, motorcyclist must be vigilant of road conditions. Potholes can vary in depth and it is difficult to judge their depth while on the road. Again, this is another reason for motorcyclists to always be prepared for evasive maneuvers. But potholes are not the only condition to be cautious about, motorcycles are less stable than cars or trucks and can be impacted even by sand or gravel on the road.


With all of this in mind, enjoy the sun on your back and ride safe!