Questions Regarding Personal Injury Cases in New Jersey

Ten Most Common Questions from Clients Regarding Personal Injury Cases in New Jersey This Year

March 30, 2017
BY: Domhnall O'Cathain

  1. Will you let me know what is happening in my lawsuit?
    • You can call the office at any time during the lawsuit to schedule a sit down meeting with the lawyer primarily handling your case.
  2. A lawyer sent me to you. Will I now have to pay more money for legal fees?
    • No. If another lawyer referred you to this office, you will not pay a penny more in legal fees.  
  3. How much will this cost me?
    • You will not pay a legal fee unless you recover money from the lawsuit. In New Jersey, your legal fee in a personal injury case is set by the Rules of Court. No law firm can get a higher percentage of your recovery that any other law firm.
  4. How long will my lawsuit take?
    • Most personal injury cases in New Jersey are resolved within two years but medical malpractice cases can take longer. The best way to move a lawsuit quickly is to be responsive to the requests made by lawyers. The biggest step in moving the case forward is to get your deposition done.
  5. Will I get compensated at the end of the case?
    • We will not accept you as a client unless we believe there is likelihood that you will be compensated.
  6. Why do they get to hire a doctor to examine me?
    • The law permits the lawyers of the person/entity that injured you to hire a doctor to examine you and provide a report. The report will minimize your injuries and your suffering. Please try not to take it personally.
  7. Will you take my case all the way to a jury?
    • We prepare our cases to go to trial, and we expect that you are willing to present your case to a jury. With our preparation, you will be confident in front of a jury.
  8. How will the other lawyer treat me at the deposition and at trial?
    • The other lawyer is not hired to be nasty or nice; the other lawyer is hired to ask you questions. With our preparation, you will be confident facing the other attorney.
  9. If I can show that the other person/entity caused all my injuries, what is my case worth?
    • Three main things we look at: (1) how badly you have suffered and will continue to suffer; (2) how much money it has cost to treat your pain; and (3) income that you have lost as a result of the injury.
  10. Who will be on the jury to decide my case?
    • The jury will be people in your community who do not know you or anybody else in the case. They are responsible citizens because they have taken the time to listen to you and to consider the facts of your case. You should welcome the opportunity to present your case to a jury.