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The Uber U.S. Safety Report

March 26, 2021
BY: Lesnevich, Marzano-Lesnevich, O'Cathain & O'Cathain

By Domhnall O’Cathain, Esq. 

Did you know that Uber published a U.S. Safety Report? Until recently, we didn’t know either. 

The report looks at numbers from 2017 to 2018. 

Before we look at those numbers, let’s remember that Uber spent $3.2 billion on advertising in 2018. That’s a lot more than it would ever think about spending on safety. So, we thought that we would take a look under the hood of what’s in the safety report.

It started with a blog post that gave us the following numbers that have little-to-nothing to do with Uber: 

         In 2018, over 36,000 people lost their lives in car crashes in the United States alone

         Approximately 20,000 people were the victims of homicide in 2017

         Nearly 44% of women in the US have been a victim of sexual violence in their lifetime—which means that more than 52 million women live with that experience every day

We had to go into the actual report to get some numbers that matter. 

Here’s what they tell us they know about deaths reported to them that involved someone using an Uber app at the time of the crash.  

         107 deaths

         90% of these deaths were in urban areas. 

         Most of the deaths were in a zone where the speed limit was 30-35mph 

         91% of the Uber crashes that killed someone were on a dry road.   

         Uber only counts dead victims if they die within 30 days of the crash. 

Here’s what they didn’t tell us about those crashes that killed a victim. 

         Did the driver fall asleep at the wheel?

         How long had the driver been on the road?

         How many crashes had that driver been in before?

         How many complaints had Uber gotten about that that driver before the crash?

         What background checks did Uber do on the driver’s driving history?

         How many people were so badly injured in an Uber crash who died more than 30 days later?

The report also gives us a word we probably haven’t heard before – “deadheading”. That’s when the Uber driver is cruising around and looking for passengers. If an Uber kills someone while deadheading, it doesn’t make the Uber numbers. 

The report skips past what we see in most car wreck cases – victims who survive put are left with a concussion, a broken bone, or permanent injuries to the neck and back. These are catastrophic Uber injuries. 

Why won’t they tell us some of this information so we know how dangerous some of these Uber drivers are? With these drivers still on the road, the next Uber crash with those drivers could end up in the fatal crash statistics that Uber provides. 

The report says nothing about the link between more vehicles on the road due to rideshare programs. The reports says nothing about the Uber self-driving car that resulted in a pedestrian fatality

We’re not going to get into the sexual assault statistics disclosed by Uber in this report even though, of course, it’s another horrific problem with some Uber drivers who are predators. 

Uber is part of our lives now. We need Uber to take the steps to make sure their drivers are qualified and know how to follow the rules of the road. We cannot know the driver’s history, but Uber can. 

And if you’ve been the victim of a car accident as a result of Uber (or Lyft), or a loved one has— or, God forbid, someone you know has lost their life— please be sure to call our Personal Injury Department at: (201) 488-1161. We will file the lawsuit to make Uber and the Uber driver legally responsible for the loss they caused.