Memorial Day

Tips for a Safe, Healthy and Happy Memorial Day Weekend 

May 18, 2021
BY: Lesnevich, Marzano-Lesnevich, O'Cathain & O'Cathain

It’s that time of year again— the days are warmer, and the nights are longer; shorts, skirts and sandals are being seen on the beaches and city streets; and there’s a feeling of summer in the air! Whether it’s marked by a BBQ or the ice cream truck, it’s Memorial Day weekend— the unofficial start of summer. 

Plus, with the pandemic finally receding, the transmission rate in most states at record lows, and the Center for Disease Control stating the fully vaccinated people don’t need to wear a mask or social distance, this looks to be a much more enjoyable summer for most people than last. 

However, on all aspects of the long holiday weekend we still want you to be safe. Here are tips for a safe, healthy and Happy Memorial Day weekend: 

  • Grilling tip: Planning on having the family over for a weekend barbecue? (We’re crossing our fingers for good weather!) Keep the grill away from anything that could catch fire (the side of the house, a stray branch, or even the family pet) and be sure to always monitor the grill. Even when the grill is technically off you don’t want a young or old member of the family burning their hands. 
  • Road trip tip: Even with gas prices on the rise throughout the country, many Americans will pack up the family car and drive into that ritual of summer: the family road trip! If you’re planning to drive, be sure to designate a driver, so if one parent or guardian has a beer or three at the cookout, there’s always someone alert enough to drive. Also, be careful when sharing the road with (or using) Uber and other rideshare companies. (For more on that, please read this blog post.) 
  • Water tip: Fence your pool! If going to a neighbor’s, text ahead and double check they have a fence. Statistics show, unfortunately, that 23% of fatalities from child drownings happen during a family gathering at a pool, and that boys age 4 and under at the most likely victims. No matter we’re the kiddos are swimming— a grandparent’s pool, the local swim club, or the ocean— be sure to always keep an eye on them. 
  • Firework tip: More and more families are setting off fireworks during summer holidays. Make sure the fireworks you plan to set off have been purchased legally, and never attempt to pick-up, relight, and reuse a dud firework that didn’t ignite and display properly. After you’ve used the fireworks properly, as an extra precaution be sure to pour or spray water on them to avoid starting a trash fire. 
  • Sunscreen tip: Hopefully the weather will be so sunny you need this tip! Be sure to properly apply sunscreen to you and your children before engaging in outdoor summertime activities. The American Academy of Dermatology always recommends an SPF of 30. Be sure to use a lip balm with SPF as well and reapply after the water and every couple of hours. 

We’ve made it through the pandemic winter, and it’s finally summer! All of us hope you get out there and enjoy Memorial Day weekend— safely, responsibility, and with your friends and family. 

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