Two Drinks And Holiday Driving

Two Drinks – And Holiday Driving

December 17, 2019
BY: Domhnall O'Cathain

The Department of Transportation reports that between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, an average of 300 people die as a result of drunk driving. That is terrifying, but unfortunately, not surprising.

It is the time of year when many of us have more to eat and drink than we probably should. Knowing that two drinks can turn into three or four, we are now taking advantage of ride-sharing options to get ourselves home safely.

However, a recent report in the New York Times discusses an Uber safety report that in 2018, 58 people died in Uber related crashes. Uber also reported 9 murders and more than 3,000 sexual assaults. We don’t know the statistics for Lyft.

Uber drivers and Lyft drivers are not professionally trained drivers. They are often overworked, particularly in the run-up to the holidays, when the days are shorter and the weather is more dangerous.

If you or a loved one is seriously injured in an Uber crash or Lyft crash, contact us to discuss your options.

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