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What To Do If You’re Injured Overseas

June 6, 2017
BY: Domhnall O'Cathain

Personal Injury Lawsuit outside United States

The dollar is strong, the euro is weaker, and the bags are packed for a summer to remember – sidewalk cafes, sleepy villages, and spectacular coastlines.

What could go wrong?

Sometimes Your Trip Doesn’t Go Exactly As Planned

When we are travelling on the road, staying in hotels, and trying to communicate in a different language, there is an increased risk of getting injured.

Consider an American tourist with poor knowledge of the French language who slips in the lobby of a hotel in rural France..  He walks by a sign that included the word “Propre”, thinking it was proper to walk where he went, not knowing the sign indicated that the floor was just cleaned.

This poor American tourist ends up injuring his back and as he lays on the ground, the receptionist comes over and shouts “Blessé ?”. The tourist responds that he doesn’t feel very blessed, not knowing that the receptionist was asking if he was injured. The tourist looks up and shouts “injured”, and the French receptionist takes as an insult because that is what it can mean in French.

She responds to the tourist and tells him that he is not very sensitive, which he takes to mean that he is not very sensible because she used the French word “sensible” for sensitive.

On the floor, next to the tourist, are his souvenirs that broke into little fragments from the fall. “Bribes” she shouts, pointing out that the souvenir broke into little bits.   The tourist, understandably fired up, asks what her “agenda” is and she, in turn, runs to get her diary.

The tourist slowly gets back on his feet, looks at the wet floor, points at the receptionist, and shouts “preserve it” which she takes to mean “préservatif”, to which she has absolutely no response.

Always Contact Personal Injury Lawyers

If this slip and fall accident occurred in New Jersey ( or anywhere in the United States), the injured tourist would know to call our New Jersey slip and fall attorneys if the pain doesn’t go away.

We cannot advise you on your legal options if you are injured overseas, but we can recommend that you start your search for a lawyer in that country by visiting the website of the American Association of Justice.

Whether travelling home or abroad this summer, we wish you safe travels and a “Bon Voyage”.